What does it cost?

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This is a calculation of the cost, calculated without manhours. It took a couple of weeks to build and installation. Most of the costs are pretty exact, but some are the best estimation from memory. Also the faulty materials have not been calculated in; The double glazing that broke because too high thermal stress for example, or some foam that melted...

It is probably possible to build it still cheaper, by replacing the window with single glass instead of the expensive polycarbonate. But you can expect it will become heavier, so more difficult to mount. Also the aluminum support for the can's have been laser-ed externally, and the inox brackets have been manufactured professionally. The coice to use all inox material is driven by the idea to make it maintenance-free, but of course plain steel, painted or galvanised is much cheaper. At the cheapest you can probably keep it under 1.000€, or less if you use recycled materials.