What the SolarAir is about?!

*UPDATED March 2020!!!*

(See at the bottem). 


The SolarAir is a solar heat collector made DIY, with very low cost materials, mainly Soda Cans.  

The hot air is used to to heat the house, everyday when there is some sun, even if it is freezing outside, thus lowering utility bills, and lowering CO2 footprint.

The bonus is that in the summer during the night it can also cool down the house by venting with air that is even colder then the outside temperature.

It is easy to use and accessible by any IOS or Android smartphone, tablet and PC to control and monitor, from anywhere trough the internet.

Although very cheap and easy to use, in the background it is very high tech, with software written on a Linux microcomputer. 


 A video filmed by drone can be seen here.


*UPDATE March 2020*-> Some new developments:

- The software has been updated, with a much more precise graph for the day (with a plot every minute), and detailed graph for a full month.

- The cans are replaced by alu-plates, as the cans appeared to rust!

- The SD card for the raspberry got replaced with a SSD harddisk: The SD cards never lasted more than about 6 month upto a year.

- The fan is replaced by a blower: The power with that is increased to a 370W blower. The amount of air with that is much much higher, giving much better results.