Here you can find the files you need to setup a solarair-controller yourself. The files typically go into the html directory used by the apache server. Usually /var/www or /var/www/html...

The total of custom files can be downloaded in zip-format here:

The JPGraph library can be found here: jpgraph-3.5.0b1.tar.gz

The function or use for every file separately is briefly explained;

PS: files are zipped for downloading: unzip them before installing on the raspberry!

PS2: All files can be downloaded in one zipfile in the link above...

Index.php :This is the main webpage a browser goes to, with the status of the controller, and including the graph of the last 24h. : This is the script that runs in the background and that controls the solar collector. It keeps logging the temperatures in the SQL database, and that turns the fan on or off depending of temperatures and modus. 

graph_solarair.php : This is the PHP page to setup the graph for the last 24h. It is included in the main page and some other pages.

fan_on, fan_off, fan.gif : These images are of a fan that spins or not. If the controller turns on the fan, it will also copy the fan_on.gif to overwrite the fan.gif. This is then used inside the webpages, so it shows a spinning fan, or not.

auth.php : This file/webpage prompts for a password and user before allowing to go to the setting of the controller, or to turn on or off the fan.

 logo_EBP.jpg : This is a logo at the top of every webpage, of course you can replace it with your own!

statistics.php : This webpage can be used to show some statistics, like how hot or how cold it was, the amount of hours the fan was running etc... It also invites you to fill in a certain period of time to see how the collector performed within that time frame.

period-stat.php : This webpage displays the statistics over the given period of time (see statistics.php page above).