How the collector is made

Although the description is a bit undetailled, it should be enough to get you going...

The container of the collector is made of PIR plates, sandwiched between aluminum plates. They are intended for home insulation, and the are not too strong, but are easy to cut by a saw, or a even a bigger cutter. 

The bottom is made with 3 plates glued together, and then an upstanding side is made of 15cm on top of the bottom plate. I used plates that are 6cm thick.

 The cut sides I sprayed black, just for esthetic reasons.

After that I mounted the aluminum brackets with the holes to put the cans trough. 

Then I used 14 sodacans, glued on top of each other. I did that by dipping them in the glue, and then stack them on top of each other using a V-profile to rest against while the glue could dry. I then sprayed them completely black, before mounting them in the container.