Where to buy the parts

In general the collector is designed to be open source, and so you can buy the parts where ever you want, typically in most DIY you will find most parts. Of course the empty soda cans you have to collect. In the collector shown about a 1000 cans are used. If you don't drink enough soda (or beer :), you can probably get them in any garbage bags in restaurants or gas stations.

For the controller you need the raspberry PI (pin layout version B), which you can buy pretty much in any online electronic store if you google it. The software can be downloaded onto a uSD card, after installing the OS and the necessary packages.

For the extra hardware around the controller the PCB is the most convenient, but it is also possible to use a breadboard or use an experiment PCB and solder the connections.

I am thinking to sell the parts (I made some spare PCB's, because it is about the same price for just the one or for a dozen), so drop me an email if you want to buy the PCB or the entire controller and I will see what I can do...