The software

The software of the controller exists of different parts.

To have the interface to a smartphone or other webbrowser, the controller is set up as a LAMP-server. This allows the controller to publish webpages, with real time data, and to receive date from the user. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is a set of programs that are configured on the Raspberry. To set it up on a Linux controller is easy, and plenty of help is avalaible on the internet by just searching for 'LAMP server' and Raspberry. 

After having setup this LAMP-server, it is necessairy to setup a database with some tables in the SQL.



Once all this is setup, there are a number of PHP-pages that need to be uploaded in the directory used by the Apache server, to publish webpages. Usually this directory is under /var/www, or can be found under /var/www/html.

Except for some webpages and some pictures, also the library to display graphs need to be uploaded. It can be loaded immediatly under the html directory and the one that is used is 'jpgraph'. Again since all info can be found on the internet trough the link

And last but not least the software that actually reads the temperatures and controls the fan need to be uploaded. This program is written in Python, so after installation the Python interpreter the script can be run. What this program does is read the two temperatures (incoming and outgoing of the collector), records this in the database that logs everything. It then decides whether the fan should be turned on or off, depending of the status (heating or cooling). This happens cyclic one every minute, thus recording the status one every minute.

all the open source software can be found in the download section...